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Are you wanting to focus on increasing your strength and fitness in a positive environment without the diet or "Go Hard Go home" mentality? Then this program is for you

Want all round health and happiness? Our unique Body IQ assessment tool will demonstrate the areas we need to focus on so you can get on with living the life you love

Needing help with how to exercise with a pelvic dysfunction such as incontinence or prolapse? Our Focus on Core program is designed specifically for you

Injuries or medical conditions holding you back from moving? Contact us to see how we can help you incorporate movement into your life


"If I hadn’t met Rachelle at Mee Active, I would definitely have injured myself time and again and been the couch potato that I was happy being because I was safe there." ..Cindie Buckley 

"I was really surprised when I was on holidays for two weeks how much walking and other activities I could cope with. I didn’t have high hopes of being able to participate in all activities with the family. We walked a trail 8 kms long and I did the whole beautiful walk." .Jo K


MEE ACTIVE teaches women to understand their bodies. 

We help you overcome your limits, make you stronger and increase your self-belief so that you can step off the sidelines of life. 

We work closely with you through our 3 key phases

Phase 1: Building You From The Inside Out.

Here we start with gentle, foundational movement. We focus on retraining the breath and slowly adding muscular strength. We match the level of activity to your body. We also concentrate on your mindset and lifestyle habits.  

Phase 2: Mind-Body Connection.

We now build on the foundations bringing your awareness to how your mind and body connects through movement, which creates body trust. We begin to slowly increase the load and intensity of each session. In this phase is where you may experience some A-HA moments! 

Phase 3: Power and Resilience.

You will notice significant changes in your physical strength along with a more positive mindset. You will feel alive, free, and energetic, rising to claim your space in this world. Now is the time we build more into your sessions working on furthering your strength and resilience for the long term.


I’m Rachelle Ballard-Clayton.

I have been practicing as a Holistic Women's Movement and Wellness coach for the past 5 years.  

I am the Regional Director of Australia for Body Positive Fitness Alliance and believe everyone has a right to move their body in a capacity that suits them.  

Upholding very strong core values on accepting all bodies as they are as well as identifying how movement can be incorporated into one's life with harmony and balance, my passion lies in teaching women the strategies required to live a fun and fullfilling life.  

I work with women all over the world who want to enjoy movement that suits them, without pain or anxiety.  

Over the past 5 years, I have helped hundreds of busy women step off the sidelines of life and into movement that matters…… you are absolutely in the right place!  

My most favourite quote is "Do you", live life authentically, with as much sparkle and magic as you wish.