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Women's Health Physiotherapist & Specialist approved online course focussing on the foundations of the core & pelvic floor and how to integrate exercise into your life safely and effectively. 

This program is designed for you to do in the privacy of your own home.



Anyone required to learn the how to's about their core/pelvic floor muscles

Women who have had children 

Women who have pelvic dysfunction 

Women who want to learn how to incorporate exercise safely into their lives


Basic anatomy of the Core and Pelvic Floor 

How to locate and exercise the pelvic floor

The exercises required to strengthen and relax the core and pelvic floor in a controlled and technique based environment to assure you are understanding the mind-body connection

How to modify your current exercise routine to ensure you are working with your body

What you can expect from our Focus on Core Program

  • It will provide the necessary tools to help you understand your mind-body connection.  
  • It will educate you to think more laterally about yourself.  
  • It will physically give you strength gains enabling you to do more in your day-to-day life.  
  • It will give you self-confidence, self-belief and self-worth through learning about what your body can do.
  • It will allow you freedom to pick up the heavy things, not cross your legs when you sneeze, understand your body awareness and how movement that matters is an important piece of the puzzle missing from your life.  
  • It will empower you to take ownership of your life, get clarity around your wants and desires and plan for a successful future.  
  • It will free you from body aches, pains and niggles and educate you on your own body and how it reacts to stimulus. 
  • It will allow you to bring movement back into your life where it otherwise may have been missing from fear.

How does it work?

This is an online program / course designed specifically for those who want to understand simple yet effective core and pelvic floor techniques to help them in their everyday life and exercise in a manner that is safe.  

This is an 8 week program where 1 x class will be made available each week teaching you the basics and fundamentals of the core and pelvic floor and how to integrate exercise into your life effectively yet safely.

These classes are delivered via an online learning platform each week which is simple to use. 

You will have the support of your coach at ever step and are able to interact and ask questions as needed.

MEE ACTIVE has designed this program to help educate women about the power of the core and pelvic floor so you can live a symptom free life. 

You will be guided on how to utilise this powerful system to benefit you in your everyday life from the simplest tasks to the more complex. You will be educated on awareness, the pressure system and how to use it effectively and safely as well as gentle techniques on how to modify for your individual body.

Women with pelvic floor dysfunction are often too scared to exercise and do not know where to start. 

Some women do not understand the Core and Pelvic Floor system so we educate and make them aware of the importance of this system in everyday life.  

Our Focus on Core program offers a safe space for women to explore just what their body can do with the power of breath and the core system techniques. 

Every woman should understand how to exercise the pelvic floor. These muscles are just like every other muscle in the body and need to be working efficiently with the ability to be able to relax and be strong. 

To aid in supporting women within this life changing process the program offers the support of a Facebook closed community group with your coaches and like minded women to ensure a safe space in which to explore and gain knowledge.  

The benefits of the “FOCUS ON CORE” program

TIME SAVING You're able to review the weekly content at your own leisure throughout the week. 

AFFORDABILITY These classes are designed to be cost affective making it affordable to everyone to get the most from it. 

COMFORT & SECURITY The privacy of being able to work through the program in your own home.

COMMUNICATION & SUPPORT Closed FaceBook community to communicate with like-minded peers. Included is an online button to help with specific exercise related questions. 

REMINDERS & EDUCATION Your weekly email of the current weeks class, activities and tip delivered direct to your inbox.  

ADDED BONUS Complimentary program offered to the members of the Focus on Core program. At week 6 we invite you into our “Body Acceptance Project” which is a 7-day journey to accepting and harmonising with the body you have. You will be asked to complete simple yet powerful quests each day to connect you with your mind, body and soul. This is a motivating and engaging process of personal self-discovery and learning. 


1 in 3 women who have had a baby in their lifetime have bladder incontinence  

Most women do not understand or know how to locate the pelvic floor muscles  

1 in 10 Australian women develop prolapse of their pelvic organs  

Pelvic floor exercises help to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic region and can also help with symptoms of prolapse  

As we age pelvic organ prolapse is more likely to occur if we do not use our pelvic floor muscles.

Bottom line: Learn how to use your pelvic floor muscles. 

Why I created the Focus on Core Program.  

After attending a seminar on the core and pelvic floor I was immediately captured by the information I was learning and decided to take this back to my clients. After surveying all of my clients I found that a staggering 90% of these women have some form of pelvic dysfunction. 

I then decided that I must continue with this work so I went about studying further to completely understand the core and pelvic floor as an exercise therapist.  

Little did I know that 1 year after designing and testing the program I would find out my own personal story of pelvic dysfunction.  

This of course nurtured me to really push this subject far and wide and the results speak for themselves.  

Click below to read my story  

You're in safe hands with the MEE Active team & the Focus on Core program