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Pay What You Can Afford

Classes are conducted via SKYPE


Tuesday 10.15am AEST

  • 45min Strength, fitness, fun - designed for all ages.
  • Little to no equipment needed.
  • Modifications and variations for all abilities including nervous newbies


Meet Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Rachelle Ballard-Clayton  

I have been practicing as a Movement and Women's Health coach for almost a decade and run my own in person & online movement and wellness studio in Queensland Australia.  

Upholding strong core values on accepting all bodies as they are as well as identifying how movement can be incorporated into one's life with harmony and balance, my passion lies in teaching people the strategies required to live a fun and full-filling life.  

I work with people all over the world who want to enjoy movement that suits them, with variation and an emphasis on fun! 

I am also a writer for various platforms delivering quality content to women across the globe, a presenter on health and movement in a highly interactive way and blog on all things movement and wellness. My specialisations lie in working with women on their hormonal and pelvic health as well as rehabilitative movement and wellness.  

Over the years, I have helped hundreds of busy people step off the sidelines of life, find their mind-body connection and live well…… you are absolutely in the right place!  

My most favourite quote is "Do you", live life authentically, with as much sparkle and magic as you wish.  

Please consult a medical professional before starting a new fitness regime 
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