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We believe in challenging the status quo of the fitness industry because fitness should be accessible for everybody.  

Our movement programs are designed to be inclusive of all shapes,sizes & abilities in a simple, easy and fun online structure. 

You will be nurtured through our online Facebook private group to facilitate the support of a community of like minded individuals.  

Movement & Fitness 

We focus on increasing your strength and fitness in a positive environment with fun, uplifting and varied exercises where you choose the exercises that suit you! 

In The Comfort Of Your Own Setting 

Whether you are home, at the gym or in the park you can access our program online with minimal fuss. You can incorporate equipment or show us your moves without equipment. A new workout is uploaded each week for your convenience. 

Variations Of Exercises 

We have worked hard to bring you different variations of most exercises so you can choose the way you wish to perform them. In our program there is no one way to perform an exercise. Options are there for you to explore what feels right for you.

Community Group Support 

We are all about community so our private online community will allow you to chat to your friends, ask your coaches questions and support each other as your fitness and strength grow! 



FOCUS ON CORE - Pelvic Floor & Core Foundations

Learning to engage and relax the core and pelvic floor and utilise the power of breath to help with strengthening the core muscles and understanding the concepts of this amazing part of your body -The Pelvic Floor.


This course shows you exactly how to modify each exercise for your body, helping you gain confidence in your ability within your movement practice.

Bonuses valued at over $697

We believe you shouldn't have to do everything alone so we have a robust community of MTM'ers who share their experiences with each other.

Join our welcoming and supportive online community and enjoy the benefits of being encouraged so you don't have to do it all alone.  

Enjoying movement and exercise can be inspiring and motivating when you have a group to support you.



 Your ownership of MTM delivers to you a weekly exercise video via our online safe and simple portal. You will be guided by your trainer with variations for a diverse range of bodies. You choose the level of activity that suits your body. You can repeat the video as many times as you like within the week.  


 You will receive weekly emails when the next video is uploaded plus one quick and nutritious recipe and wellness tip to help suppport you through your movement practice.  


As you become fitter and stronger you will notice significant changes in your physical strength along with a more positive mindset. You will feel alive and energetic and notice the smallest things become easier. With the help of the bonus courses you can work through at your own pace you will be on fire! 


"Needing to ease back in to some moderate movement. I can see I’m going to love this program. Even with the multitude of online programs, there’s a lack of relatability. I find most presenters highly irritating & un-relatable. Not here! This program has it all!" 

SAM. G - Qld, Australia  

"I just loved these sessions. Working up a sweat with low impact exercises is just what my body needs. I can't wait to do more!!!" 

Kirsty. L - NSW, Australia

"Feeling energetic & squats are my favourite followed by push ups done my way and now I can really feel the legs lift with the butt squeeze" 

Lorraine. H - United Kingdom

"You are a great motivator and this has helped myself continue to work out whilst on holidays. I am able to do a session whilst the kids day sleep which I love. Meant to move is great and I know a lot of people will benefit greatly from this program. Thank you"  

Brooke. S - Gold Coast, Australia  

"The sessions are great and I love all the variations you can apply so everyone can join in no matter your injury or ability. I also love the added bonus of the recipes and wellness tips each week"  

Shelly C - Vic, Australia  

"I wanted to let you know that I have had so much energy today at work. I didn’t have to fight to move my body. It was just an awesome feeling to reach for something without having weakness and pain in my shoulders and arms. I’ve been able to lower my insulin since starting this program which is another win win for me! Thanks for providing such an awesome program"  

Crissy - Arizona, USA

"I’m so excited that I finally have something for me that I can do without having to worry about others judging me at the gym. Your online program has actually motivated me again to help my body to feel stronger! It’s been such a stinking struggle for the past few years trying to find someone to help me. Thank you!! I am truly blessed!!!"  

C.B - USA  

"Session done loved the weights. Was smashed by round 3 though. Modifications got me to the end"  

Jodie - Gold Coast, Australia


Hi! I'm Rachelle Ballard-Clayton  

I have been practicing as a Movement and Health coach for almost a decade and run my own in person & online movement studio in Queensland Australia.  

I am the Regional Director of Australia for Body Positive Fitness Alliance and believe everyone has a right to move their body in a capacity that suits them.  

Upholding very strong core values on accepting all bodies as they are as well as identifying how movement can be incorporated into one's life with harmony and balance, my passion lies in teaching people the strategies required to live a fun and fullfilling life.  

I work with people all over the world who want to enjoy movement that suits them, with variation and an emphasis on fun! 

I am also a writer for various platforms delivering quality content to women across the globe, a presenter on health and movement in a highly interactive way and blog on all things movement and wellness.  

Over the years, I have helped hundreds of busy people step off the sidelines of life and into movement that matters……..so you are absolutely in the right place!  

My most favourite quote is "Do you", live life authentically, with as much sparkle and magic as you wish.  

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