Modern Woman's Guide To Midlife  

Take control of your hormones & health and transition into the next & best years of your life




Learn how to effectively look after your mind, body and soul now & well into your later years.  

You know you should sleep better and move more however you are confused about all the different health & wellness information & who knows where to start.  

Hormones have an effect on my body and wellbeing but how much of an effect and what do I need to know, even post hysterectomy?  

Hot flashes are ruling my life, what can I do to support myself?

Menopausal transition is scary and unpredictable so how can I help myself through it?  

How do I feel better about myself, find motivation, reduce stress, have freedom to do what I want to do and really enjoy my life more comfortably without constant fear?  

What if we told you it can be done?  

What if we can make it crystal clear and very easy for you?  

Would you do it?  

It is never too late to start looking after your health and wellbeing and this course will give you simple and actionable tips to implement straight away.  

What to expect with this course

  • 8 high quality modules of the latest research and educational information delivered via video and written word which is available in your online learning  portal
  • The Menstrual Cycle, Peri- Menopause, Menopause and Beyond
  • Pelvic floor and prolapse explained
  • Cognitive development and how to help yourself with decline as you age
  • My key actions to make your movement matter
  • Breaking down mindset barriers around movement including motivation and fear
  • Bone Density and Osteoporosis, what you can do to help
  • Sleep broken down and why its an important part of your life
  • Stress/Anxiety, how to help yourself manage this and why it has a huge impact on women over 40's lives
  • The basics of nutrition, what is a serving or portion size? What is good vs bad foods and this is not what you might be expecting to hear!
  • Cognitive development movement session to help you keep your brain active
  • A simple, safe and effective movement session to help your physical body feel amazing
  • Easy and quick ways you can implement strategies to help yourself
  • Supportive and educational Facebook group which will add to your learnings like no other. 


Foundations of Core and Pelvic Floor Course which helps you understand your pelvic floor and core and how to move/exercise safely utilising this amazing system

Valued at $197 this is the bonus you do not want to miss! 

How is this delivered?

  • This course is a series of high quality video teachings as well as downloadable pdfs - broken down into bite size chunks of learning with tangible and actionable ideas
  • Is open for enrolment now and is a self paced online course you can access any time, anywhere and revist as much as you need to
  • You will gain access to our private Facebook Community for support and guidance as well as open discussions on women's health and wellbeing. Don't have Facebook? We can send you any learnings direct via email
  • This course will arm you with the tools and strategies you can implement straight away with minimal fuss


About Your Presenter

Rachelle has been practicing as a movement coach and female health and performance coach for almost a decade. She coaches women with her Lean Into Life signature program delivering exciting and fresh concepts on Holistic Women's health and movement where she focusses on the whole human. Rachelle also presents on these topics, enjoying educating and learning from others. She upholds very strong core values around movement and wellbeing, coaching women to live a life they love without restriction or judgement.  

Rachelle's most favourite quote is "Do you", live life authentically, with as much sparkle and magic as you wish.  

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